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Friday, October 5, 2012


This is a spread in my book BEASTED showing the progress, process, and ideas on the right half that led to the final piece which is what you see on the left half. As an artist with a sketchbook, I enjoy looking at other artist' sketchbooks and seeing their ideas and what their creative insights look like before they turn into the final decision. 
As most of us know, we are mostly all afraid to show our beginning stages of potential finished pieces or what some might just say '' Aww, these are nothing, just little doodles or scritch scratch''. But, to mostly everyone else, they might be awesome ideas and cool to look at.
I still don't like people looking at my sketches to this day and for 2 reasons. It's not finished and because It's my idea, I don't want it taken from me and used before it becomes finalized. Sounds stingy....
So for the book I put those sketches on every spread for everyone to enjoy, especially you sketch book lovers. 

Go to beasted.html
and get inspired by a book full of over 1000 sketches