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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Poem I wrote to hopefully spark some positive change in the world

Magic brings light,
Sorcery brings the magic with a hidden bite,
Baited by the shine
But ignorant to the signs
Hidden in plain sight

Our Thoughts lead to the manifestation and creation of things and events,
We are individually responsible for our thoughts that have created a collective fence,
Or wall,
Your call.

Most don’t even understand Natural Law.

But if we stay open and calm,
There’s something really important at whatonearthishappening.com

Part of the journey is about pain and suffering,
Rain and recovering,
It’s about uncovering the truth and seeing that there’s more to understand
Than the made-up laws of man.

Most seem afraid
But, put on your “They Live” shades
And you’ll see the grand stage of charades
You’ll see the cage and understand the outrage.

We’re beyond the “1984” alarm
We are the animals in “Animal Farm,” being farmed!
It’s the dog eat dog Darwinism skism,
It’s the dogmatic religion of carnism,
It’s the vaccines that cause autism,
And Monsanto’s GMO foods are giving dudes man boobs.

It really does seem like we’re screwed
“They” even seed our clouds with nano particles
And create articles making it marketable.
This is deplorable and remarkable.
And see the natural weather that’s been forged.

To stay in the dark, we cannot afford
Nor can we support those who follow orders
Who cause harm and gore

Do we really want to vote for a new master every four years?
Or do we wanna love, overcome, and face our fears?

It is the quality of attention that we must change,
Or we stay victim to an illusion, like the political game.

We have a choice to do what’s right
And together we can build a bright enough light
to end human slavery overnight  

Magnum Opus and the golden rule,

Apply to self and reveal the jewel