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Monday, January 21, 2013


Please help Nate by donating to Indiegogo for a new studio to keep the BEASTED dream alive, to send an awesome energy of unique exaggerations into the light of caricature art!
Thanks for any and all support!
You are awesome!

Monday, January 14, 2013


 This is the awesome Salah Khudari who is holding My original caricature of Steve Carell that he won in an auction in the awards banquet at the San Antonio ISCA convention. He now owns a great piece of BEASTED. Congrats and many thanks for your support to BEASTED as well as ISCA and all they do. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Amy Aboud owns a part of BEASTED!

Amy Aboud just recently purchased my original Bob Marley pecil/marker/pen caricature sketch from my new book BEASTED. Plus she got the progress spread print that goes with it, how awesome!!! It's so cool to see someone holding and owning my book let alone a piece from it. It means a lot, that piece is one of my personal favorites

Amy Aboud also own's my intro JFK quote page from BEASTED. It was in the ISCA( international society of caricature artist) awards banquet auction during an awards ceremony and she won the bid! So cool! Thanks AGain Amy!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


I recently got back into drawing on Caricaturama 3000 and got second place with this sketch of Usain Bolt. I didn't really know him and what he sounds like and what he looks like maybe because most of the time he is just a blur.... I watched many videos of him and while I watched, I absorbed. Then I sketched. I came up with some different ideas but I really just wanted a head shot, maybe with his shoulders included because they really tell more about him and make his neck and head more interesting. I then wanted to catch that thick Jamaican voice he has. A lot of times when I try and get a voice I think of how I sound, then try and match it with the sound that the subject makes. Once I figure that out, I understand my mechanics of how I make myself form into something similar as my subject to then put that into my sketch. On this one I put my chin down and lowered my Jaw to find the thick deep voice sound. All and all there are many decisions I could have done different but overall for the time I had, I'm happy with the likeness at this perspective.