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Sunday, January 6, 2013


I recently got back into drawing on Caricaturama 3000 and got second place with this sketch of Usain Bolt. I didn't really know him and what he sounds like and what he looks like maybe because most of the time he is just a blur.... I watched many videos of him and while I watched, I absorbed. Then I sketched. I came up with some different ideas but I really just wanted a head shot, maybe with his shoulders included because they really tell more about him and make his neck and head more interesting. I then wanted to catch that thick Jamaican voice he has. A lot of times when I try and get a voice I think of how I sound, then try and match it with the sound that the subject makes. Once I figure that out, I understand my mechanics of how I make myself form into something similar as my subject to then put that into my sketch. On this one I put my chin down and lowered my Jaw to find the thick deep voice sound. All and all there are many decisions I could have done different but overall for the time I had, I'm happy with the likeness at this perspective.