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Sunday, July 13, 2014

San Diego Fair good and bad caricatures 2014

The good ones were ones that I felt confident about and gave them a nice finish
The okay ones I just felt right enough to go for it but not good enough to put the extra nice finish into. 

THE GOOD .v.v.
Trying Chua's style 
Twins with mom
Awesome lady

Really cool dad and daughter 
Cool meat heads 
Angry love birds 
Her boyfriend was a lame ass and wouldn't let me finish with color. She was cool and loved it but didn't want her gay boyfriend to get mad so she gave me money and left but not before giving me a smile and a wink. I was happy with the body... :D but I didn't like the way the face turned out. 
She loved my facials I was giving her
Mmmhmmm... Yep, she was awesome
This guy was tweaking out of his mind
Cool couple 
He was like " looks just like you baby!"
I messed up
Wrong color shirt