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Saturday, April 14, 2007

some fun in the park, during the busy weeks

bad chin, but .....nice sag
friend at work
nice people
lap easils suck

much fun

is that mr philby on the right, whats up Aaron

friend at work

gotta work on the baseball bodies
sold demo
they were so scared
cool people from England
bad frog

sold demo, its what i sall

got to work on all bodies
he just wouldnt smile for the camera, i wonder why?


bog_art said...

What's up!!.. man, you work is getting better and better.. congratularions!!..

Nelson Santos said...

Some interesting stuff going on there dude, the 2nd drawing and the girl holding a shark really make it worth the visit here. Keep it up.

Unknown said...

dude the elaine one kicks ass!

those cheeks !

chris chUa! said...

ha! I LOVE that woman squeezing that shark, that's good stuff. and the couple on the porpoise is great too. and the 2 muscular kids are great as well.

the "much fun" one, I think you exaggerated her nose to mouth area right but I think you should have made her chin bigger to accomdate that move cause I think overall her lower lip to chin is still bigger than upper lip to nose. anyhoo, my 2 cents.

oh and the bad frog one, not sure about the mouth area exaggeration?

keep em coming!


Good work bro... it was great meeting and hanging with you and Philby at the convention... I'm sure we'll cross paths again! Take it easy and don't drop that pen!