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Thursday, July 19, 2007

more fun in the sea park

just another regular sketch
this guy thought he beat me this kid thought he won

funny old guy i took too much tme on

wish i would of took more time and thought on this sketch

but ofcourse i lost

the smile couldnt get any smaller, and the guy up top was chillin

his bottom lip is a little lopsided but i think its funny and looks like him


Oscar said...

Heh. That girl with the crazy smile is F*cking Gnarly man.

David Reyes said...

sweet dude

bog_art said...

Man, you are doing an amazing art!!.. the color and the expressions are just excellent!!

Brandon said...

dude, all of these are blowing me away. You're incredible bro. Way beyond what I could acheive. Excellent work. Miss ya bro.

Aaronphilby said...

Those drawings are obscene, and should never be hung up as demos! Nate Kapnicky, though he is a lead and makes good numbers, draws in a manner that is unseemly and not fit for the eyes of SeaWorld customers. And that's final.

Marlo said...

HA !

Sean (53AN) Gardner said...