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Thursday, October 9, 2008


the one and only reject in the LA fair.
The mother stopped me half way through the black and white part and told me how horrible it was. She said it wasn't real art, i said i was sorry and would draw something different that didnt look like him, then the boy got up with out looking at the drawing and said how much it looked nothing like him. Just goes to show how much control most mothers have on there children's minds, how to think!


Beast said...

Yeah..that's horrible, Nate.

KEV said...

zeitgiest dot COM!!

Unknown said...

HA! i hate it when they say its not real art. it makes me want to press questions upon them, as to what real art might be, etc. etc. but i'm lousy at arguing so usually just get quiet and overheated and tell them they don't have to buy it.

Sean Evans said...

Man I really hate when kids hesitantly agree with the mum.

Unknown said...

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