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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Crazy Faces"

So, Kamans art shoppes is trying something really cool out to satisfy the enjoyment of the more exaggerated caricatures in a theme park. I think it was Chris Chua and Brad Baley who pitched the idea. Anyway you have to be a certified extreme caricaturist to sell for more money than a regular park sketch. By the way this is Leanne(body artist). As you can see, the regular sketch is on top and the crazy(more exaggerated(more exciting awesomeness;)) is on the bottom. I went off a photo of her for the regular and i feel i got the photo likeness but missed the real feel of her. The crazy one i did mostly from my head and i feel her a lot in that one. So, just thought i would share, enjoy your surf. By the way the top was done in 5 minutes and the crazy one was done in 15ish minutes.


justfrancesca said...

Cool. I think the second one is more like her, too, but I don't remember her eyebrows being so obvious. I'll have to take a peek at her again.

fried john said...

cool. I loke this.

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